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Abhi Dadhaniya
3 min readFeb 9, 2023

Introduction to the content management system

Nowadays, Websites are switching from no-code website builders (WordPress, Wix etc) to the latest technology stacks like React.js, Next.js, Django, Flask etc. WordPress takes too much time to load pages.

There are many alternatives for no-code website builders like webflow. You can check out the pricing plans to develop a no-code website on this platform.

There are 2 types of possible data on the website

Let’s suppose, a blog website holds static data which is not gonna change frequently. We can use a content management system to manage those data without appending static content in the code repository. That’s why CMS (Content management system) came into the picture.

These 3 cms platforms are becoming powerful and these are easy to integrate with javascript frameworks.

Sanity is a content management solution for a website that holds some static data in an entire website like websites of small and individual businesses, portfolio websites etc.

Pros of sanity

  • Sanity is a very good option to integrate with react app
  • Easy to setup and integrate
  • Sanity studio works in localhost as well as production level
  • Useful for client websites and full fill their requirements
  • The clean and beautiful user interface of sanity studio

Cons of sanity

Contentful is the best solution for static websites like my blog website. I like contentful because of its simplicity and the relationship between various collections models.

Pros of Contentful

  • Simplicity and clean user interface
  • Easy to connect SDK (Software development kit) and client configuration
  • Works on only contentful platform (Means you have to manage content on their web app)
  • GraphQL API support
  • CDN Support
  • Image upload support
  • Markdown support in the rich text editor
  • Good for blogs content management

Cons of Contentful

Strapi is the best content management system for API development. Strapi is easy to use and set up and more time-consuming while working with a data model for backend development. Strapi is built for API development purposes

Pros of StrapiCons of Strapi

You can compare pricing plans for all of these cms at here. Sanity, Contentful, Strapi.


We can’t compare all cms with each other. All content management systems had been made for some special purpose to solve some problems in real-world applications. Strapi is built for API development. Sanity is for website content management and Contentful is (Good for blog applications) for both but only accessible from its web app.

I also use Contentful CMS for my blog website. Do check it out at blogs.abhidadhaniya.com

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